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Henderson County Detention Center

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Location: 380 Borax Drive, Henderson, KY, 42420
Phone: (270) 830-3125

About Henderson County Detention Center

Mission Statement

The Henderson County Detention Center’s mission is to provide a safe and secure facility for all inmates and staff utilizing both Federal and State Regulations & Guidelines for compliance of discipline, law & order while preserving all inmate's rights due to incarceration.

About the Detention Center

The Henderson County Detention Center was constructed in 1996 with an original capacity for 250 inmates. Due to the ever-changing incarceration rate the facility built a new wing in 2004.  In 2008 the Community Service Complex was built to accommodate state inmates that have a low classification level.  Currently the facility houses approximately 543 county, federal, and state inmates.  The classification of these inmates, range from simple violations to violent felony offenses.  The Henderson County Detention Center is one of only three county jails in the state of Kentucky that is self-sufficient, costing ZERO county tax payer dollars to operate.

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Jail Programs

To assist inmates with their incarceration and re acclamation into society, the Henderson County Detention Center has implemented various programs designed to address practical real life issues facing offenders attempting to reintegrate into the community following an often long period of incarceration. Currently our facility with assistance of the Good News Jail Ministry offers multiple religious services and programs for inmates. A few of the programs that are offered are; one on one counseling, church services, bible studies, Muslim services, Life Changing Programs (LCP), and 12 step programs. The facility also works in conjunction with Henderson Community College in providing GED classes and testing to inmates trying to improve or complete their education. Our Class D program offers both STEEP (Successful Transition Employment Education Program) and PORTAL-New Direction (Parolee Orientation Re-entry Training Assimilation Lesson). STEEP is a 6 week program and PORTAL is a 19 module program. Both programs cover topics such as Money Management, Employment, Transportation, Health, and Education, giving inmates invaluable life skills to assist them in making a smooth transition back into their communities. State inmates who participate and complete PORTAL receive 90 days good time credit. These programs offer inmates information and tools that can help lead them to success upon release from penal institutions.

The facility also offers various work programs for inmates to provide them with on the job training. Job positions that are offered range from maintenance, laundry, janitorial and food service positions within the facility to skill-intensive positions working with civilians in the community.

The Community Service Program (CSP) was developed to assist the county with cleanup efforts and beautification. This program allows the inmates to work outside and be involved with community projects while assisting their own efforts at reentry into society. In 2015, the Community Service Program picked up over 465,044 pounds of litter along with 5,440 pounds of scrap metal and 655 used tires throughout the county that had been left along the roadways. The program also maintains the grounds of the North and South Cloverleaf’s, county courthouse and fairgrounds. CSP also planted and maintained 19 acres of gardens which produced over 193,900 pounds of vegetables that were then consumed by the inmate population as well as maintaining a worm sanctuary which produces organic fertilizer used on the gardens. Inmates learn a variety of skills not only through working in these different areas but also by maintaining and servicing all equipment used in the Community Service Program.

Henderson County Detention Center also has a female Substance Abuse Program (SAP). This intensive program is approximately 6 months long and is designed to address the overall effect of long-term drug and alcohol abuse, conflict resolution, anger management, socialization, parenting, victimization, and reintegration.


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Substance Abuse Counselor | 380 Borax Drive, Henderson, KY, 42420
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