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Posted from 6/7/2022 to 8/10/2022
Pay: 38,000 - 65,220
Compensation Type: Salary
Position Type: Full-Time
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Kentucky certification in appropriate subject area or willingness to go through an alternative certification process to get a certification.

For more information on Alternative Certification, please see this link:  You can also call Henderson County Schools Human Resources Department for more information.

Job Details:

Working 185 days for the 2022-23 school year.  

Salary commensurate with years of teaching experience and rank. 


Employment Requirements: Physical, TB Risk Assessment, state/national criminal background check, CAN check and drug screen.


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The teacher shall utilize an appropriate variety of material and activities to facilitate the lesson objectives. 


The teacher is expected to concentrate on accomplishing a high rate of time on task with students where students are engaged in instructional involvement. 


The teacher is expected to demonstrate a caring attitude in his/her association with students. 


The teacher is expected to utilize effective questioning techniques in the instructional process. 


The teacher shall incorporate effective motivational strategies in working with students. 


The teacher shall actively and continuously monitor student learning and assume responsibility for current student progress. 


The teacher shall assume responsibility for the behavior of students in the classroom and work toward a positive and productive student/teacher relationship. 


The teacher shall comply with all board and school building policies and procedures. 


The teacher shall work within the philosophical framework of the school board, building and the departmental assignments. 


The teacher must attend all regular and special faculty meetings unless prevented by personal illness or excused by the principal.

The teacher is encouraged to take part in curriculum research, study groups, and other activities related to the profession. However, these activities shall not be so numerous as to affect the teacher's classroom work. 


The teacher shall demonstrate a high standard of professional dress while in the employ of the board of education. 


The teacher shall demonstrate acceptable mastery of the written and spoken word. 


The teacher shall prepare lesson plans which are directly related to the objectives being taught.


These plans shall be current and available for a substitute teacher. 


The teacher shall practice a friendly and cooperative attitude with students, colleagues, parents, and superiors. 


The teacher shall assume a reasonable share of extended school activities and demonstrate a willingness to participate in school/community affairs. 


The teacher shall demonstrate and develop understanding and concern for the academic and social welfare of students. 


The teacher shall be responsible for maintaining a neat and orderly classroom that is conducive to learning 


The teacher shall direct student learning at a rate which is commensurate to the capability of the student. 


The teacher shall be responsible for assisting students to make up work they have missed because of legitimate absences from class. 


The teacher shall use only acceptable methods of discipline in compliance with board and school policies. 


The teacher shall strive to understand all sides of a problem before administering discipline. 


The teacher shall set an example before pupils and avoid any words or actions which will show prejudice against individuals or minority groups. 


The teacher shall welcome every opportunity to discuss with parents, guardians, with open mindedness and courtesy, the problems and or progress of students.


The teacher shall respect the rights of and cooperate with parents/guardians regarding the welfare and development of students. 


The teacher shall maintain high standards of conduct and attitudes at all times so as to keep the profession respectful and dignified in the eyes of the public as well as those of his/her own profession. 


The teacher shall take advantage of opportunities to upgrade professional skills as related to instructional improvement through committees, workshops, and organizations. 


The teacher shall accept outside employment only when it does not interfere with professional duties and when it is not detrimental to his/her status with pupils or professional colleagues.


The teacher shall perform any other duties as assigned by the administration.

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