Translator/ Interpreter

Century Aluminum Sebree | Robards, KY 42452
Date Posted: 8/15/2023 | Last Day to Apply: 9/30/2023
Posted in: Manufacturing
Compensation Type: Hourly
Position Type: Full-Time
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The Spanish Translator/Interpreter is responsible for facilitating communication between Spanish and English-speaking employees. This position will require the ability to interpret accurately in both the simultaneous and consecutive modes. The position will require working in a heavy industrial setting. The position will follow the DuPont schedule and will require the ability to work overtime as needed.

Qualifications: High school diploma or GED. Near-native proficiency in both Spanish and English. At least one year experience interpreting/translating in a workplace setting, with experience working in industrial settings preferred. Excellent verbal communication skills, computer proficiency (including Microsoft Office applications), and the ability to interact professionally and respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as interpreter inside the plant for daily communications between employees and supervisors (e.g., tailgate meetings, coaching, disciplinary action, safety intervention, etc.) and between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking employees (e.g., employees in the same room/crew who need to communicate work related information). Maintain a consistently visible presence on the floor.
  • Facilitate training for Spanish-speaking employees (new employees as well current employees learning a second job). This will require both knowledge of the jobs (e.g., carbon setting, tapping, tool repair, MEO) and the ability to perform parts of the jobs to assist those in training.
  • Observe trainee progress (e.g., number of holes broken out, percentage of workload completed, strengths/weaknesses, trainer/trainee feedback) and update training roster at the end of each shift. Communicate opportunities for change/improvement to Hispanic Workforce Coordinator, Crew Leaders, and Generals.
  • Communicate relevant daily instructions to employees. Monitor employee performance throughout the shift and communicate with Crew Leaders if intervention is needed.
  • Serve as resource for the Hispanic Workforce employees on shift (helping with PPE replacement, job bidding, etc.).
  • Interpret in the medical department for employees who require first aid.
  • Maintain confidentiality when involved in interpretation of situations that require sensitivity or discretion.
  • Other duties as requested by Hispanic Workforce Coordinator and/or Human Resources Manager.